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About Hardee Homes

Hardee Custom Home Builders utilizes a team effort approach. We work closely with landowners, design professionals, top architects, craftsmen and suppliers to build homes that will provide the client with personal enjoyment and excellent investment value for years to come.

Hardee Homes is thrilled to be a part of the extraordinary growth within the residential real estate market on 30A and in Panama City Beach, FL.

At Hardee Custom Home Builders, we believe that building a custom home is an opportunity to turn dreams into reality. We are focused on lifestyle and comfort in each of our home designs.

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When it comes to building a custom home, we will do everything humanly possible to deliver on our commitment to you through our knowledge, integrity and prices. When you work with Hardee Custom Home Builders, luxury and comfort is our standard.



Our continuing excellence is lifted by our dedication to provide a personalized service to every customer. We’ll walk you through each detail and keep you informed every step of the way. It’s important that we collaborate and understand the decisions that are being made.




Hardee Custom Home Builders is dedicated to educating our team and our clients on housing market trends. We believe attaining mastery requires fusing the intuitive with reality, allowing our team to respond to any circumstance no matter how unorthodox it looks.



We employ a twofold investment approach:

  1. The identification of a quality piece of land that facilitates single-family home development opportunities, both as developer and as joint-venture investor

  2. The targeting of distressed, turnaround assets with value-added opportunity in locations with optimistic demographic fundamentals. We also seek investments where value can be enhanced through intensive asset management coupled with aggressive repositioning efforts.
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